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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Repeat & Change the Pattern Speaking  


This is a simple activity for helping students do short speeches. With this activity, kindergarten and elementary school students are able to do simple 4 or 5 sentence self-introductions- not exactly by themselves, but successfully nonetheless.
Write a speech or dialog on the blackboard in English and/or Japanese. Write the words that students are to change in a different color.

Standing in front of a student, the teacher says the speech one line at a time. The student repeats after each line, but changes one or two words. For example,

Teacher: I want to go to Italy.
Student: I want to go to Korea.

Options- This activity can be used as a way to help lower level students ‘succeed’ in making a speech- while listening to students do speeches one-on-one, use this activity to assist lower level students.

-When helping students prepare to give speeches, students can respond in the WHOLE CLASS in very quiet voices.

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