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Monday, October 19, 2009

LDK #1-Relevance and Ownership  


As much as possible, use content that has relevance to the students’ lives in your lessons;  ie., something that is part of their life experience.  Pictures and photos, and realia (real objects) can help with this.  But also consider students’ culture, ages, living area, gender, etc.. Popular examples from my students include:

  • vacation experiences;
  • sports (both pro and personal);
  • foods;
  • anime characters;
  • seasonal activities;
  • school teachers;
  • classmates (try writing other classmates’ names, randomly chosen with a pair of dice, onto a print;
  • theme parks (Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc.);
  • music and movies.

Ownership refers to giving students a feeling of ‘my’ or ‘mine’ when preparing materials for classroom use.  For example, students might: 
  • color a line drawing;
  • write their name under a picture;
  • use their own pen or textbook;
  • draw lines on a print connecting 2 objects or ideas; 
  • bring a picture or small object from home.

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