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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ohajiki Game  


Ohajiki is another game from the Eigo Noto activities. It looks like a blend of Karuta and Bingo...
Each student has several words, pictures, letters, numbers, etc. in front of them (on a page in the textbook, for example). Or the students or teacher can make a print similar to Pair Karuta.
To begin, each student places a small cover over a set number of the words/pictures (five). As the teacher calls out the word, students can take the cover off the word (if they have covered it). The first student to remove all of their covers wins.
Instead of calling out a single word, the word (or letter or number...) can be included in a sentence, Q&A, or short dialog.
Time: about 10 minutes (with 5 words covered)
Suggestion: Students don't have a ready set of things to use to cover the words or pictures in their pencil case, so I cut paper into strips about 1 cm X 7-8 cm. The students can use these to tear into 5 pieces and use.

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